Recent Publications

A lab-based test of the gravitational redshift with a miniature clock network,” X. Zheng, J. Dolde, M.C. Cambria, H.M. Lim, and S. Kolkowitz, Nature Communications 14, 4886 (2023) [Journal]
Investigating electromagnetically induced transparency spectral lineshape distortion due to non-uniform fields in Rydberg-atom electrometry,” AP Rotunno, CL Holloway, N Prajapati, S Berweger, AB Artusio-Glimpse, … Journal of Applied Physics 134 (8) (2023) [GScholar]
Thickness-Dependent Cross-Plane Thermal Conductivity Measurements of Exfoliated Hexagonal Boron Nitride,” G. R. Jaffe, Keenan J. Smith, K. Watanabe, T. Taniguchi, M. G. Lagally, M. A. Eriksson, and Victor W. Brar, ACS Appl. Mat. Int. 15, 12545 (2023) [arXiv | Journal]
A physically motivated analytical expression for the temperature dependence of the zero-field splitting of the nitrogen-vacancy center in diamond,” M.C. Cambria, G. Theiring, A. Norambuena, H.T. Dinani, A. Gardill, I. Kemeny, V. Lordi, A. Gali, J.R. Maze, and S. Kolkowitz, arXiv:2306.05318 (2023) [arXiv]
Electrometer with Rydberg frequency tuning,” TG Walker, EA Imhof, and SR Jefferts, US Patent 11,674,992, 1 (2023) [GScholar]
Temperature-dependent phonon-induced relaxation of the nitrogen-vacancy spin triplet in diamond,” M.C. Cambria, A. Norambuena, H.T. Dinani, G. Theiring, A. Gardill, I. Kemeny, Y. Li, V. Lordi, A. Gali, J.R. Maze, and S. Kolkowitz, Physical Review Letters, 130 256903 (2023) [Journal]
Latched readout for the quantum dot hybrid qubit,” J. Corrigan, J. P. Dodson, B. Thorgrimsson, S. F. Neyens, T. J. Knapp, T. McJunkin, S. N. Coppersmith, and M. A. Eriksson, Appl. Phys. Lett. 122, 074001 (2023) [arXiv | Journal]
Combined Polarization/Magnetic Modulation of a Transverse NMR Gyroscope,” SS Sorensen, and TG Walker, Sensors 23 (10), 4649, 1 (2023) [GScholar]
Nanoscale addressing and manipulation of neutral atoms using electromagnetically induced transparency,” U. Saglam, T. G. Walker, M. Saffman, D. D. Yavuz arXiv:2301.03654 (2023) [arXiv | PDF]
Reducing the instability of an optical lattice clock using multiple atomic ensembles,” X. Zheng, J. Dolde, and S. Kolkowitz, arXiv:2305.12315 (2023).  [arXiv]
Feedback Methods for Vector Measurements Using an All-Optical Atomic Magnetometer,” M Bulatowicz, J Tost, and TG Walker, Sensors 23 (9), 4263 (2023) [GScholar]
Effects of molecular contamination and sp2 carbon on oxidation of (100) single-crystal diamond surfaces,” R. Vidrio, D. Vincent, B. Bachman, C. Saucedo, M. Zahedian, Z. Xu, J. Lai, T.A. Grotjohn, S. Kolkowitz, J.-H. Seo, R.J. Hamers, K.G. Ray, Z. Ma, J.T. Choy, arXiv:2304.02217 (2023) [arXiv]
Spin-orbit enhancement in Si/SiGe heterostructures with oscillating Ge concentration,” B.D. Woods, M. A. Eriksson, Robert Joynt, and Mark Friesen, Phys. Rev. B 107, 035418 (2023) [arXiv | Journal]
Rydberg-State Engineering: Investigations of Tuning Schemes for Continuous Frequency Sensing,” S Berweger, N Prajapati, AB Artusio-Glimpse, AP Rotunno, R Brown, … Physical Review Applied 19 (4), 044049, 4 (2023) [GScholar]
Modeling of Radiative Emission from Shallow Color Centers in Single Crystalline Diamond,” M. Zahedian, J. Liu, R. Vidrio, S. Kolkowitz, J.T. Choy, Laser and Photonics Review, 2200529 (2023).  [Journal]
Synchronous light-pulse atomic magnetometer system,” TG Walker, and MD Bulatowicz, US Patent 11,294,005, 1 (2022) [GScholar]
Nanoscale covariance magnetometry with diamond quantum sensors,” J. Rovny, Z. Yuan, M. Fitzpatrick, A.I. Abdalla, L. Futamura, C. Fox, M.C. Cambria, S. Kolkowitz, and N.P. de Leon, Science, 378, no. 6626 (2022) [Journal]
SiGe quantum wells with oscillating Ge concentrations for quantum dot qubits,” Thomas McJunkin, Benjamin Harpt, Yi Feng, Merritt P. Losert, Rajib Rahman, J. P. Dodson, M. A. Wolfe, D. E. Savage, M. G. Lagally, S. N. Coppersmith, Mark Friesen, Robert Joynt, and M. A. Eriksson, Nature Commun. 13, 7777 (2022) [Journal]
Spatial coherence of light in collective spontaneous emission,” DC Gold, P Huft, C Young, A Safari, TG Walker, M Saffman, and DD Yavuz, PRX Quantum 3 (1), 010338, 5 (2022) [GScholar]
Super-resolution Airy disk microscopy of individual color centers in diamond,” A. Gardill, I. Kemeny, Y. Li, M. Zahedian, M.C. Cambria, X. Xu, V. Lordi, A. Gali, J.R. Maze, J. Choy, and S. Kolkowitz, ACS Photonics (2022) [Journal]
Atomic fluctuations lifting the energy degeneracy in Si/SiGe quantum dots,” Brian Paquelet Wuetz, Merritt P. Losert, Sebastian Koelling, Lucas E. A. Stehouwer, Anne-Marije J. Zwerver, Stephan G. J. Philips, Mateusz T. Mądzik, Xiao Xue, Guoji Zheng, Mario Lodari, Sergey V. Amitonov, Nodar Samkharadze, Amir Sammak, Lieven M. K. Vandersypen, Rajib Rahman, Susan N. Coppersmith, Oussama Moutanabbir, Mark Friesen, and Giordano Scappucci, Nature Commun. 13, 7730 (2022) [Journal]
Welcome and introduction,” T Walker, APS Division of Atomic, Molecular and Optical Physics Meeting Abstracts 2022 … (2022) [GScholar]
How valley-orbit states in silicon quantum dots probe quantum well interfaces,” J. P. Dodson, H.E. Ercan, J. Corrigan, M. Losert, Nathan Holman, T. McJunkin, L. F. Edge, Mark Friesen, S. N. Coppersmith, and M. A. Eriksson, Phys. Rev. Lett. 128, 146802 (2022) [arXiv | Journal]
Erasure conversion for fault-tolerant quantum computing in alkaline earth Rydberg atom arrays,” Y. Wu, S. Kolkowitz, S. Puri, and J.D. Thompson, Nature Communications, 13, 4657 (2022) [Journal]
Resonant continuous radio frequency field detection using Rydberg atoms,” S Berweger, A Artusio-Glimpse, N Prajapati, E Imhof, S Jefferts, R Wyllie, … APS Division of Atomic, Molecular and Optical Physics Meeting Abstracts 2022 … (2022) [GScholar]
Charge-noise resilience of two-electron quantum dots in Si/SiGe heterostructures,” H. Ekmel Ercan, Mark Friesen, and S. N. Coppersmith, Phys. Rev. Lett. 128, 247701 (2022) [Journal]
Analysis of a Cesium lattice optical clock,” A. Sharma, S. Kolkowitz, and M. Saffman,  pre-print available at: arXiv:2203.08708 (2022) [arXiv]
All-Optical 87Rb Magnetometer with 10 fT/√Hz and 1 fT/cm/√Hz in Earth-Field-Scale Magnetic Fields,” M Bulatowicz, J Tost, and T Walker, APS Division of Atomic, Molecular and Optical Physics Meeting Abstracts 2022 … (2022) [GScholar]
Toward Robust Autotuning of Noisy Quantum Dot Devices,” J. Ziegler, T. McJunkin, E. S. Joseph, Sandesh S. Kalantre, B. Harpt, D. E. Savage, M. G. Lagally, M. A. Eriksson, Jacob M. Taylor, and Justyna P. Zwolak, Phys. Rev. Applied 17, 024069 (2022) [arXiv | Journal]
Differential clock comparisons with a multiplexed optical lattice clock,” X. Zheng, J. Dolde, V. Lochab, B.N. Merriman, H. Li, and S. Kolkowitz, Nature 602, 425–430 (2022) [Journal]
Developments in Synchronous Spin-Exchange Optically Pumped NMR Gyroscopes,” Z Yardim, S Sorensen, and T Walker, APS Division of Atomic, Molecular and Optical Physics Meeting Abstracts 2022 … (2022) [GScholar]