Recent Publications

Quantum computing with semiconductor spins,” L. M. K. Vandersypen and M. A. Eriksson, Physics Today 72, 38 (2019) [Journal]
Anomalous Charge Noise in Superconducting Qubits,” B. G. Christensen, C. D. Wilen, A. Opremcak, J. Nelson, F. Schlenker, C. H. Zimonick, L. Faoro, L. B. Ioffe, Y. J. Rosen, J. L. DuBois, B. L. T. Plourde, R. McDermott, arXiv:1902.02911 (2019) [arXiv | PDF]
Microwave to optical conversion with atoms on a superconducting chip,” D. Petrosyan, K. Mølmer, J. Fortagh,and M. Saffman, to appear New J. Phys. (2019) [PDF]
Characterizing atomic magnetic gradiometers for fetal magnetocardiography,” IA Sulai, ZJ DeLand, MD Bulatowicz, CP Wahl, RT Wakai, and TG Walker, arXiv preprint arXiv:1906.03227, 1 (2019) [arXiv | GScholar]
Benchmarking Gate Fidelities in a Si/SiGe Two-Qubit Device,” X. Xue, T. F. Watson, J. Helsen, D. R. Ward, D. E. Savage, M. G. Lagally, S. N. Coppersmith, M. A. Eriksson, S. Wehner, and L. M. K. Vandersypen, Phys. Rev. X 9, 021011 (2019) [arXiv | Journal]
Scalable Hardware-Efficient Qubit Control with Single Flux Quantum Pulse Sequences,” Kangbo Li, R. McDermott, and Maxim G. Vavilov, arXiv:1902.02911 (2019) [arXiv | PDF]
Microwave-to-optical conversion via four-wave-mixing in a cold ytterbium ensemble,” J. P. Covey, A. Sipahigil, and M. Saffman, to appear Phys. Rev. A (2019) [PDF]
Preparation and control of neutral atom ensemble qubits us-ing Rydberg interactions,” C Young, M Kwon, P Yang, P Huft, B Radzom, M Ebert, and T Walker, DAMOP19 Meeting of The American Physical Society (2019) [GScholar]
No-go bounds for quantum seals,” S. Kimmel and S. Kolkowitz, accepted for publication at Physical Review A, pre-print available at arXiv:1802.10007 (2019) [arXiv]
Measurements of the Thermal Resistivity of InAlAs, InGaAs, and InAlAs/InGaAs Superlattices,” G. R. Jaffe, S. Mei, C. Boyle, J. D. Kirch, D. E. Savage, D. Botez, L. J. Mawst, I. Knezevic, M. G. Lagally, and M. A. Eriksson, ACS Appl. Mat. Int. 11, 11970 (2019) [Journal]
Digital coherent control of a superconducting qubit,” Edward Leonard Jr., Matthew A. Beck, JJ Nelson, Brad G. Christensen, Ted Thorbeck, Caleb Howington, Alexander Opremcak, Ivan V. Pechenezhskiy, Kenneth Dodge, Nicholas P. Dupuis, Jaseung Ku, Francisco Schlenker, Joseph Suttle, Christopher Wilen, Shaojiang Zhu, Maxim G. Vavilov, Britton L. T. Plourde, Robert McDermott, Phys. Rev. Applied 11, 014009 (2019) [arXiv | Journal | PDF]
Quantum computing with neutral atoms,” M. Saffman, Nat. Sci. Rev.6, 24 (2019) [PDF]
Dual-Axis -Pulse Magnetometer with Suppressed Spin-Exchange Relaxation,” E Zhivun, M Bulatowicz, A Hryciuk, and T Walker, Physical Review Applied 11 (3), 034040 (2019) [GScholar]
Compressed Optimization of Device Architectures for Semiconductor Quantum Devices,” Adam Frees, John King Gamble, D. R. Ward, R. Blume-Kohout, M. A. Eriksson, Mark Friesen, and S. N. Coppersmith, Phys. Rev. Applied 11, 024063 (2019) [arXiv | Journal]
Measurement of a Superconducting Qubit with a Microwave Photon Counter,” A. Opremcak, I. V. Pechenezhskiy, C. Howington, B. G. Christensen, M. A. Beck, E. Leonard Jr., J. Suttle, C. Wilen, K. Nesterov, G. J. Ribeill, T. Thorbeck,1, F. Schlenker, M. G. Vavilov, B. L. T. Plourde, and R. McDermott, Science 361, 6408 (2019) [arXiv | Journal | PDF]
Pulsed-beam atomic magnetometer system,” MD Bulatowicz, TG Walker, and MS Larsen, US Patent App. 16/053,535 (2018) [GScholar]
Signatures of atomic-scale structure in the energy dispersion and coherence of a Si quantum-dot qubit,” J. C. Abadillo-Uriel, B. Thorgrimsson, Dohun Kim, L. W. Smith, C. B. Simmons, D. R. Ward, R. H. Foote, J. Corrigan, D. E. Savage, M. G. Lagally, M. J. Calderon, S. N. Coppersmith, M. A. Eriksson, and Mark Friesen, Phys. Rev. B 98, 165438 (2018) [arXiv | Journal]
The critical role of substrate disorder for valley splitting in Si quantum wells,” Samuel F. Neyens, Ryan H. Foote, Brandur Thorgrimsson, T. J. Knapp, Thomas McJunkin, L. M. K. Vandersypen, Payam Amin, Nicole K. Thomas, James S. Clarke, D. E. Savage, M. G. Lagally, Mark Friesen, S. N. Coppersmith, and M. A. Eriksson, preprint arXiv:1804.01914, Applied Physics Letters 12, 243107 (2018) [arXiv | PDF]
Fast three-qubit Toffoli quantum gate based on three-body Förster resonances in Rydberg atoms,” 132 I. I. Beterov, I. N. Ashkarin, E. A. Yakshina, D. B. Tretyakov, V. M. Entin, I. I. Ryabtsev, P. Cheinet, P. Pillet, and M. Saffman, Phys. Rev. A 98, 042704 (2018) [PDF]
Nuclear magnetic resonance probe system,” MS Larsen, HC Abbink, TG Walker, and MD Bulatowicz, US Patent 9,970,999, 12 (2018) [GScholar]
Valley dependent anisotropic spin splitting in silicon quantum dots,” Rifat Ferdous, Erika Kawakami, Pasquale Scarlino, Michał P. Nowak, D. R. Ward, D. E. Savage, M. G. Lagally, S. N. Coppersmith, Mark Friesen, Mark A. Eriksson, Lieven M. K. Vandersypen, Rajib Rahman, preprint arXiv:1705.01468, npj Quantum Information 4, 26 (2018) [arXiv | PDF]
Dual-axis pi-pulse SERF magnetometer for biomedical applications,” E Zhivun, M Bulatowicz, A Hryciuk, and T Walker, APS Meeting Abstracts (2018) [GScholar]
Theory of long range interactions for Rydberg states attached to hyperfine-split cores,” F. Robicheaux, D. W. Booth, and M. Saffman, Phys. Rev. A 97, 022508 (2018) [PDF]
Quantum–Classical Interface Based on Single Flux Quantum Digital Logic,” R. McDermott, M. G. Vavilov, B. L. T. Plourde, F. K. Wilhelm, P. J. Liebermann, O. A. Mukhanov, and T. A. Ohki, Quantum Sci. Technol. 3, 024004 (2018) [arXiv | Journal | PDF]
Progress towards entangling neutral atom ensemble qubits using Rydberg interactions,” M Kwon, C Young, M Ebert, T Walker, and M Saffman, APS Meeting Abstracts (2018) [GScholar]
A programmable two-qubit quantum processor in silicon,” T. F. Watson, S. G. J. Philips, E. Kawakami, D. R. Ward, P. Scarlino, M. Veldhorst, D. E. Savage, M. G. Lagally, Mark Friesen, S. N. Coppersmith, M. A. Eriksson, L. M. K. Vandersypen, preprint arXiv:1708.04214, Nature 555, 633-637 (2018) [arXiv | PDF]
Synchronous Spin Exchange Optically Pumped NMR Gyro,” S Sorensen, D Thrasher, J Weber, A Korver, and T Walker, APS Meeting Abstracts (2018) [GScholar]
Reducing the sensitivity of Rydberg atoms to dc electric fields using two-frequency ac field dressing,” D. W. Booth, J. Isaacs, and M. Saffman, Phys. Rev. A 97, 112515 (2018) [PDF]
Comagnetometry Using Synchronous Spin Exchange Optical Pumping,” D Thrasher, S Sorensen, J Weber, A Korver, and T Walker, APS Meeting Abstracts (2018) [GScholar]
Measurement-free implementations of small-scale surface codes for quantum dot qubits,” H. Ekmel Ercan, Joydip Ghosh, Daniel Crow, Vickram N. Premakumar, Robert Joynt, Mark Friesen, and S. N. Coppersmith, preprint arXiv:1708.08683, Physical Review A 97, 012318 (2018) [arXiv | PDF]
Electronic Transport in Hydrogen-Terminated Si(001) Nanomembranes,” W. Peng, M. Zamiri, Shelley A. Scott, F. Cavallo, J. J. Endres, I. Knezevic, M. A. Eriksson, and M. G. Lagally, Phys. Rev. Applied 9, 024037 (2018) [Journal]
Atomic clock system,” MS Larsen, and TG Walker, US Patent App. 15/722,595 (2018) [GScholar]