• S. Coppersmith? is? a theoretical condensed matter physicist working to understand the fundamental properties of a variety of systems that are far from thermal equilibrium and modeling semiconductor qubit systems.
  • M. Friesen? studies problems at the intersection of quantum information and condensed matter theory. ? His current interests include quantum dot spin qubits, quantum devices in silicon, and schemes for improved control of logical qubits and the couplings between qubits.
  • R. Joynt? works in the field of quantum computation and corrleated electron systems. ? His interests include the theory of lifetimes of electron spins in silicon-based quantum dot qubits, quantum random walks, the topology of quantum correlations, the classical simulation of quantum noise, and the development of the theory of electromagnetic noise in qubit devices.
  • A. Levchenko specializes in field-theoretical description of many-body out of equilibrium systems and in particular quantum transport theories of correlated, topological, superconducting materials, mesoscale devices, and heterostructures.
  • M. Vavilov? studies transport and non-equilibrium phenomena in quantum many particle systems, as well as the role of disorder? and chaos in the quantum limit. His recent work focuses on developing theory of quantum control and measurements in superconducting circuits and other qubit systems.